Plenitude for all involved, in autonomy. That is my motivation as fundraiser. As a philanthropist you would like to invest specifically in sustainable projects. As a non-profit-organisation you have the projects and are looking …

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Networker and lateral thinker

We are creators of all that is possible. Thus, all is possible. I would be pleased to brainstorm and achieve things with you “outside the box”. Let us dare to tread a common path together …

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Negotiator and mediator

To achieve win-win situations and to strengthen the self-responsibility of all those involved. This is what I aim for in my negotiations in a conciliatory yet persuasive way ...

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greenRhythm brings
you added value

With enthusiasm and
zeal I create things
which are new,
meaningful and
of enduring value.
Quality, creativity,
transparency and
honesty are integral
parts of my philosophy.


as your trees grow
to your premium rate

the treeme project

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