Bruno Stephan Walder - An all-rounder with core competencies

The strategist

Presence, intuition, being receptive to new ideas, possessing analytical skills and the ability to put things immediately into context are his gifts. These enable him swiftly to recognise the important issues, give them the requisite structure and create the desired connections. Even in difficult situations he is able to suggest creative new solutions – and also to implement them.

The communicator and  commercializer

He approaches business contacts in an independent and target-oriented manner. He communicates clearly and to the point; his messages are pertinent, effective and marketing specific. Whatever the topic, his presentations are highly professional and convincing, both at large international conferences as well as local events, and whether in negotiations or one-to-one.
Examples of his successes are the candidacy and subsequent election of Switzerland to the UNESCO World Heritage Committee, his strategic contributions as a Committee Delegate, and the global marketing (via his initiative) of Swiss Nature Parks with  Swiss Tourism and the new orientation of Swiss Tectonic Arena Sardona after its inclusion in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The strong negotiator

In achieving an agreed goal, he finds win-win solutions for those involved, for the issue itself and for the environment by listening carefully and by taking account of all concerns and manifold other aspects. His negotiating tactic is based on facts combined with his naturally convincing manner.
Examples of this are initiating and forming two international strategic programs for UNESCO, the World Heritage Capacity Building Strategy and the World Heritage and Sustainable Tourism Programme, both of which have been adopted and implemented by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. Or his Initiative for the Reduction of Energy Consumption delivered at the XIIth Alpine Conference of the Contracting Parties in 2012 in Poschiavo, Switzerland, which led to a resolution to adopt this additional strategic element into a new mandate of the Alpine Convention entitled “Platform Energy”.

The articulate speaker

His joy of the sound and rhythm of his own and of foreign languages enable him to communicate fluently in English, French, Italian and German. He makes contacts with ease and establishes a level of trust which facilitates negotiation and mediation. Precise formulation and meaningful communication are most important to him. 

The project manager and team player

What he manages with his enthusiasm is to motivate participants to tread new paths in a self-responsible and creative way. With his cooperative management style, he leads teams in a challenging yet motivating manner. He has already been the strategic and operative leader of numerous pioneering and complex projects. These include the creation of a complete legal and instrumental framework for new Nature Parks in Switzerland, the Total revision of the Federal inventory of rural areas and natural monuments of national significance (BLN), the Swiss Landscape Concept (SLC) from 1997 with approximately 80 participants in 13 political sectors, the first concept of this kind at that time, as well as the  Statistical Report on Research and Development (R&D) in Switzerland.

The singer

Singing is one of his passions as are photography and enjoying the natural world outdoors. As a sonorous second bass he sings with sizeable choirs in projects ranging from classical to contemporary. His most recent projects were the world’s third only performance of Nino Rota’s Mysterium as a member of Swissair Voices in 2011, together with the Mixed Choir of Berne, Mozarts Magic Flute performed with the Vaduz Opera Society in 2012, as one of the Sacerdote in Aida at the successful premiere of the Festival Perla in 2013 at Pfäffikersee near Zurich and the Masterclass in Boswil, Aargau with Paul Phoenix, King Singers in 2013.


Bruno Stephan WalderBruno Stephan Walder

33 years‘ rich experience of professional practice in the private sector,
public authorities and non-profit-organisations

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What people think of me

“You are forever managing pioneering projects and seeing them through to a successful result.”

That is what I often hear from partners, clients, contractors, colleagues and superiors.