Tailored to your needs, specifically designed and made to measure, greenRhythm offers the following services:

Fundraising and philanthropy

As a philanthropist you would like to see your capital being specifically used as an Impact Investment for sustainable projects, or to make a purposeful donation. I will find the perfect project for you, scrutinise it, and accompany you in its realisation. 
As a non-profit-organisation you need financial support for your sustainable projects and other worthy causes. I will find the right philanthropists and the necessary financing.
I act with zest and enthusiasm for both philanthropists and non-profit-organisations. I bill for my services on a time-spent basis at a reasonable rate agreed with you from the outset. Generally, it will relate to the level of financing in question.
As a politically independent fundraiser I conduct my business in accordance with the international Ethics Guidelines of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP).

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Lateral thinking and networking

Together with me as a lateral thinker and networker, you are ready to consider new strategies and design new concepts. Previously hidden opportunities and solutions will be discovered. Intuitive relationships and innovative connections in your business dealings could crystallise as a result. I offer you qualified support in doing so.

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Negotiation and mediation

I will support you in negotiations in a target-oriented way or lead them on your behalf in order to find the optimal, durable solution for all concerned.

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You are welcome to become a client of greenRhythm:
As a business from the private sector or as an individual, as a public sector institution or a non-profit-organisation.

From my experience in cooperating with enterprises, experts, contractors, politicians, public authorities and organisations on levels ranging from local to international, I am used to succeeding with all sorts of partners.

I look forward very much to an initial discussion.
We will define the milestones together.

Simply contact me here.