Fundraising and Philanthropy

Fundraising for sustainability

Honesty and transparency create trust

For a Non-Profit-Organisation I was able within a short time-frame to generate funding from numerous donors for various projects. My years of professional experience in establishing trusting relationships made this possible.  

I have carried out public tenders as a principal, negotiated with contractors, controlled the content and the execution of the contracts, checked the quality of the works carried out, and ensured that they remained within the agreed budget. The projects ranged from the development of strategies and concepts to re-organizations, analyses, and the preparation of expert reports, as well as countless engagements in the fields of graphic design, marketing and publishing. It was always my key concern in every project to work with the contractors to achieve an optimal and dependable goal at an adequate price. The results were closely aligned with the user’s requirements whilst remaining simple to implement in practice. Honesty and transparency between principal and contractors created mutual trust, which is a pre-condition for a successful result.

In fundraising and in philanthropy, it is about the same:  honesty and transparency of the partners. Here I offer a focussed and professional engagement as a fundraiser, in order to find a genuinely gratifying project for an investment or philanthropic donation. And finally, I examine the will and the assurances of the recipient to utilize the funding in an effective and beneficial way.

Where meaningful endeavours are carried out and things of durable value created, money is infused with energy which, in turn, attracts additional funding and provides sufficiency for all – for philanthropists and for the recipients of the investment capital or the donations, for institutions, project participants and for fundraisers as well.

As a fundraiser I strive to create sincere bonds as well as plenitude, so that all involved can live in a long-lasting, effective and real win-win situation.

My methodology accords with the international Ethics Guidelines of the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP). My fees are based on time spent at a pre-agreed rate and are fairly related to the amount of investment capital or the donation in question.

As a philanthropist, do you wish to invest your capital in a targeted and effective manner in sustainable projects for man and the environment - as an Impact Investment or as a donation?

I can support you as a focussed intermediary to find precisely the right project, to scrutinize it and to see it through for you.

Is your organisation seeking investment capital or donations for your sustainable projects?

I would be pleased to act as fundraiser for your esteemed projects.


I look forward very much to an initial discussion.
We will define the milestones together.

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What people think of me

”His methodology is based on his independence, his sense of responsibility and his vision for the whole organisation and its positioning. Within a short timeframe Mr. Walder succeeded in generating finance for our organisations’ activities and in positioning CIPRA with respect to existing and potential funding sources.”

Prof. Dr. Dominik Siegrist, President International Commission of the Protection of the Alps CIPRA, Schaan, Principality of Liechtenstein. April 2013