How and where would you invest today and be sure you will earn a guaranteed added value tomorrow?

Yes you can, with treeme

2015 06 Plantage Lindau mit Logo treeme

What makes treeme unique

  • You purchase your own hard wood trees, no funds, no equity, no shares.
    Real values you can touch.
  • You will invest ecologically wise and unaffected by stock market crash or
    financial crisis.
  • Your Paulownia trees are fastest growing hard wood worldwide.
  • You are the owner of uniquely designated and located trees. Thus, you exactly know where your trees are growing and you can visit and touch your valuable investment at the plantation.
  • All plantations are located in Germany. Till to the harvesting in 10 to 12 years.
  • Professional care by our specialists shields your profit. The care is included and guaranteed within your purchase
  • Our specialists love their handiwork and treat each of your trees individually
    with heart and passion. They like to see your interest and tell you a lot about your trees.
  • The Green Wood International trustee secures the care of your trees to harvest.
  • You will receive a 100% all-risks insurance in case of damage including 5 % annual increment starting in the year of planting.
  • You are guaranteed a worldwide unique top quality of hard wood by the high qualified care of our specialists. By this, your trees will achieve highest sales
    price at the wood market after harvest.
  • You will achieve very good earnings at harvest. 
    Annual value increase expectation of 7 to 12 % is realistic.
    Free of agio or ongoing costs and taxes.

treeme - your sustainable valuable investment in your own hard wood trees in Germany

Just invest now for you • for your children • for your grandchildren

Buy offer
Your investment starts at 30 hard wood trees, 301.00 € each. 
If you invest in 600 Paulownias your trees will cover 1 hectare.
You will get a special bonus offer for a larger purchase.     

We are happy to present absolutely convincing treeme and unique hard wood Paulownia personally to you.

Please contact greenRhythm to make an appointment
+423 232 2070 or +41 78 943 2070
or just write a few words on our contact form

greenRhythm is an official sales partner to Green Wood International.

2015 06 13 Come together Plantage Lindau

Last visiting and "Come together" with interested clients and specialists of Green Wood International together with specialists of Weinan Research & Promotion Center China, the market leader in breeding Paulownia found great interest and very impressed visitors. It took place on Saturday
19 September 2015 at the Plantation Lindau/Opfenbach, Germany, near to Lake Constance.

Next "Come together" will take place 4th June 2016 in Lindau/Opfenbach. Individual visit to the plantation can be arranged at anytime, great purchase
interest given.

Please announce your interest.

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 You have done the right thing


2015 06 13 Pflege Plantage Lindau

Professional care and monitoring of
Paulownia Elongata Super & Royal Treeme

on the plantation in Lindau, Germany

Other plantations in Osterburg/Berlin
and Hadorf/Starnbergersee, Germany



is called  "Lungs of earth".
Each tree absorbes 0,6 tons
of carbon in 10 years, 10 times
as much as any other species
of tree. Paulownia elongata is
not invasive and therefore
creates no danger for native

Blatt Palownia elongata CO2 Aufnahme.jpg













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 download brochure (7.7 MB)